28th March 2020

Announcement: Mass For Parish Churches in Danang Diocese is temporarily postponed 

For the Covid 19 Pandemic has increasingly spread all over the world in general and throughout Vietnam in particular, all churches in Danang Diocese have to stop organizing daily masses for parishioners followed by Bishop Joseph Dang Duc Ngan on his public announcement on Friday afternoon 26th March 2020.

The Bishop also sends his guidance to all the parish priests in the Dioceses that daily ceremonies should be organized as usual time with alter boys and very few parishioners in response to the priest ‘s words and livestreamed if possible for others who can watch at home. And churches still open doors for parishioners to come and pray individually so that our spiritual life is still being practised everyday.

What’s a big pity for all of us ! Especially this time comes close to The Holy Week that is considered to be the most important time and highest celebration in the liturgical year of Rome Catholic Church in which we all celebrate important ceremonies on Paschal Triduum.

According to bishop Joseph Dang Duc Ngan, it is very difficult to make the decision after praying and taking advice from others considerably. But we have to follow the real situation of our society because of the worse and worse process on the virus corona outbreak which turns more seriously and complicatedly. Catholic people are not beyond but closely associated with society so we all have to live with our belief by following the specific circumstances and together with the community to repulse the outbreak and prevent the virus spreading not only for our health but also for a large number of other people.

This stop of organizing masses in such a situation is considered as lost in our Jesus faith. However, from the vision of love, we are deeply acknowledged The Jesus Teachings and are offered to be with Him on His Passion by the hardship of the world present time. We strongly believe in Jesus and along with Saint Paul that “Now if we have died with Christ, we believe that we will also live with Him”. (Rm 6,8)

Let’s pray to Our Saving Jesus to protect us all in Health and on His Peace.

And specifically, all people are suggested to follow up the live stream schedule on The Holy Week Ceremonies as bellowed: 

+ Palm Sunday on 5th April 2020: at 7.am

+ Holy Thursday 9th April 2020: Oil ceremony is at 6.am and mass is at 6.pm, Eucharistic Adoration: at 20h00.  

+ Holy Friday on 10th April 2020: The Stations of the Cross: at 17h00 PM. commemorating the crucifixion of Jesus: at 18h00.

+ Holy Saturday on 11th April 2020: The Eve Easter is at 7.pm

+ Easter Sunday on 12th April 2020 is at 5.pm

+ Second Easter Sunday (Divine Mercy Sunday) on 19th April 2020 is at 17h00.pm

All ceremonies and masses mentioned above are directly lived stream and saved on:

▶️ Website: www.octorg.local
▶️ Youtube: www.youtube.com/NhaThoChinhToaDaNang
▶️ Facebook: www.facebook.com/nhathochinhtoadanang